Lessons & Services

Get Your Equipment Fitted Correctly – As you may have seen the Titleist fitting cart has arrived and looks great, unfortunately the tour exotics cart is not here yet as it had to be put back due to the floods. This is on top of the Ping and Callaway fitting systems we already have.

A club fit will take around 45 minutes but will improve your game almost immediately. The club fit consists of finding the right shaft – flex, length, weight and kick point, lie angle in the head, grip size and set composition. All of the top players in the world are using golf clubs fitted to them. All people are individual, some are tall, short, big, small, older, younger etc so golf clubs should be made to suit you.

If your new year’s resolution is to improve your golf have your clubs checked today.

Clinics – Ladies Clinics. The ladies daylight savings clinics have started and will run throughout the whole daylight savings period. They are on Monday afternoons from 5 – 6 pm and cost is $10

We also conduct Friday morning clinics for ladies at 10 – 11am.

Ladies are also invited to play in the 4 hole competition at the completion of the lesson. Cost is $10

Junior Clinics Beginner Junior Clinics – every Thursday from 4.30 – 5.30 pm (during daylight savings, 4 – 5pm outside of that) and the cost is $7

Advanced Beginner Junior Clinics – due to the large numbers in the Thursday clinic we have started an advanced beginner clinic on Monday afternoons 4.00 – 5.00 pm. Numbers are limited to 10 kids and they are run in conjunction with the school terms.

A junior calendar can also be found on the website, this contains all the dates for the junior clinics for 2012 and also includes when some junior events are on.

Golf Tips -Throughout the year I will go through a series of tips which will cover the whole game. Remember tips are good but they are general and might not help (in some cases can hinder) if it isn’t already broken, individual lessons will pinpoint your problems and help to fix them!

Tip # 1 – Posture – Most problems in the golf swing actually start from a poor posture and set-up. If your posture and set-up is wrong then you need to correct them in the swing (which generally leads to more problems). A good posture is an important place to start.

• Your feet should be a shoulder width apart, if they are too close together it will affect your balance and if they are too wide apart it will restrict your turn.

• Knees slightly bent so you are in an athletic position. The best way to think about this is to think if you were going to catch a ball. If your knees are straight and locked in it will affect your ability to move quickly to catch the ball.

Par Package $150

4 x 30 minute lessons

(2 x full swing, 1 x chipping, 1 x putting)

Birdie Package $240

4 x 30 minute lessons

(2 x full swing, 1 x chipping, 1 x putting)

1 x 90 minute playing lesson

Eagle Package

6 x 30 minute lessons

(3 x full swing, 1 x chipping, 1 x putting, 1 x bunker)

1 x 90 minute playing lesson

Full swing lessons will include video analysis and a report at the end of the package

For October only if you buy a birdie or eagle package I guarantee you will lose at least 2 shots or you get another 2 lessons free, there will be practice required with this offer of course!!


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