Green Fees – Cart Hire

Green   Fees Weekdays     9 holes $18.00
Green Fees Weekdays 18 holes $27.00
Green Fees Reciprocal Clubs   9 Holes $9.00
Green Fees Reciprocal Clubs 18 Holes $13.50
Green Fees Weekend Competitions
Members $17.00
Visitors $14.00 + green fees
Green Fees Reciprocal 18 holes $13.50
Juniors under 16 yrs $5.00
Cart Hire Members   9 Holes $18.00
Members 18 Holes $30.00
Cart Hire Visitors   9 Holes $22.00
Visitors 18 Holes $37.00
Equipment Hire Golf Clubs – Full Set   9 Holes $10.00
18 Holes $15.00


  • Cart owners and hirers are responsible for the use of their cart at all times.
  • Drivers must be at least 18 years of age
  • Carts must use designated cart paths and obey directional signs.
  • Carts MUST NOT be driven within 15 Metres of the tees or greens.
  • Cart users should take all efforts to avoid wet patches and irrigation hoses.
  • Players using carts must maintain their normal place in the field and will have no special priority.
  • Cart users should treat all players about to hit or putt with courtesy.
  • Cart users should ensure that green staff are always given right of way on the course
  • Failure to observe these conditions may result in withdrawal of permission to use the cart on the course.



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