Policies and Entry Compliance

Smoking Policy

Non Smoking regulations apply. External decks are available for Members and Guests which smoking is permitted on.

Dress Rules

To maintain the high standard enjoyed in our Club we request the Dress Rules to be adided by at all times. The following dress is NOT PERMITTED: (Note: Management’s decision shall be final in all matters relating to dress regulations)

* Headwear

* Untidy or dirty clothing

* Offensive T-Shirts

* Singlets & Sleeveless shirts

* Provocative Clothing

* Swimwear

* Bare Feet

Responsible Service of Alcohol House Policy

The Management & Staff of the Moree Golf Club are committed to the Responsible Service of Alcohol as follows:

* No alcohol is to be served to minors (persons under the age of 18)

* Promotions will not be conducted that encourage binge drinking/intoxication

* Intoxicated individuals will not be permitted entry into the Club

* Intoxicated individuals will be refused service and escorted from the premises

* The Club takes on a duty of care to ensure these policies are maintained in the best interest of Staff, Patrons and the impact our responsible service will have on our neighbours in the Community.

No Excuses$550 on the spot fine

You will be refused entry or asked to leave the premises if you are:

Drunk, Violent, Argumentative, Disorderly, Suspected of possessing prohibited drugs and smoking inside the premises.

If you are asked to leave you must leave the premises immediately (more than 50 meters away ***), no re-enter the premises within 24 hours and not re-enter the vicinity of the premises for 6 hours.

*** You may remain within the 50 metres if you are obtaining transport, reside within the vicinity or you have fear for your safety if you leave the vicinity.

Temporary Members/Guest of a Member

Temporary Members must be over the age of 18 years and will be required to show a legal form of identification. Temporary Members must reside outside a 5km radius of the Club. Temporary Members will adhere to all directions of the Club.

Guest/s of a Member is a person who lives within the 5km radius of the Club. A guest of a member must be signed in by a member and remain, within reason, with that member. Guests of a Member must not remain on the Club premises any longer than the host member.

(Note: Members cannot sign into the Club after 10:30pm)

Gambling Help


Dress Codes & Entry Compliance


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