Ken Slack Memorial Charity Day 14/03/13

Winners (Men)

Paul Slack, Hamish Donovan, Mark Boydell & Craig Lockhart                55.7

Runners Up (Men)

Kevin Huggins, John Leeder, Rodney Skaines & Russell Carty              58.9

Third (Men)

Tim Evans, Brent Taunton, Damien Kelly & Gary Colley                          59.0

NTP (Men)

1st              Peter La Haye

7th              Wallace Hunter

17th            Anthony Diprose

Winners (Ladies)

Sandra Orton, Tammy Townsend, Cecelia Baker & R. Ledingham       67.2

Runners Up (Ladies)

Maria Pumpa, Lee Gourlay, Barbara Waghorn & Brenda Carrigan        67.5

NTP (Ladies)

1st              Sandra Orton

7th              Lee Gourlay

17th            Tammy Townsend

Pro Pin       Tammy Townsend


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