Weekend Results 29th & 30th December 2012

Saturday 29th December 2012

Event:          Stroke                    No of Players:          70

Sponsor:     Moorespray Pty Ltd


A GRADE:         Kyle Munro               68 c/b

B GRADE:         Michael Josh            69

C GRADE:         Dennis McGuire       68

Runners Up:

A GRADE:         Rex Mitchell             68

B GRADE:         Mark Munro             71

C GRADE:         Ken Wharton          76


Event:         Stroke Golfer of the Month

Sponsor:    Bella Sante

No of Players:      13

Winner:      Breanna Purse              74 c/b


1st               Bruce Loxton                  5.850m

7th               Andrew Girard                2.480m

13th             Graham Maynard           7.500m

17th             Mark Munro                    2.210m

Pro Pin:      Mark Munro                    2.210m

Ball Comp: 74 or better

Balls Given: 41

Sunday 30th December 2012

Event:          2BBB                   No of Players:        65

Sponsor:      Purewater Filtration


Matthew Mikaere & Robert Mayo                      48 c/b

Runners Up:

Ben Hatton & Peter Taylor                                48


Pat Smith & Sue Smith                                     47


1st               David Wilde                  2.250m

7th               John Leeder                  0.690m

13th             Matt Moore                    5.800m

17th             Jennifer Hatton             0.710m

Pro Pin:      Jennifer Hatton             0.710m

Ball Countdown: 44 or better

Balls Given: 34


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