Veteran’s Results 20/12/12

Event:      Stableford    No of Players:    35

Winners:               John Leeder (34)

Runner Up:          Kevin King (34 c/b)    

Ball Comp:           27 c/b

John Buchanan (15 balls), John Reynolds (34), Lindsay Williams (33), Rodney Schoupp (32), John Atkins (30), Errol Lawlor (30), John Madden (30), John Hannan (29), Brian Cheetham (29), Bruce Buckland (28), Barry Smith (28), Jeff Greenaway (28) and John Gourlay (27)


7th                Graham Maynard          5.558m

13th              Roger Hann                  7.800m

17th              Darvall Hickson             5.950m

Pro Pin         Darvall Hickson             5.950m


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