Weekend Golf Results 15th & 16th December 2012

Saturday 15th December 2012

Event:          Stableford                    No of Players:          68

Sponsor:     Mobas Batteries


A GRADE:         David Moore           40 Points

B GRADE:         John Gourlay          40 Points

C GRADE:         Peter Gough          42 Points

Runners Up:

A GRADE:          Angus Smith          38 Points

B GRADE:          Darcy Carroll         39 Points

C GRADE:         Graham Maynard   38 Points


Event:         Stableford       No of Players:      10

Sponsor:    Mitre 10

Winner:      Di Amos       34 Ponits c/b


1st               Adrian Kuypers             3.585m

7th               Sue Moore                    2.970m

13th             Bronwyn Cosh              4.030m

17th             Stephen Yates               0.270m

Pro Pin:      Stephen Yates               0.270m

Eagles Nest: Wayne Wicks 2nd Hole: 3 Balls

Ball Comp: 35 net or better

Balls Given: 40

Sunday 16th December 2012

Event:          Countdown                    No of Players:          75

Sponsor:      Jukes & Son


Graham Farrell, John Marshall, Steve Seery

& Peter Lysaught                                                   90 Points

Runners Up:

Andrew Daley, Mark McKnight, Ian Johnston

& Reg Austen                                                       89 Ponits


Brendan Ogle, Lorraine Smith, Phil Smith

& Des Kirkby                                                       86 Points


1st               Brendan Ogle              2.412m

7th               Rob Mayo                    1.21m

13th             Des Kirkby                   2.85m

17th             Cecelia Baker              2.23m

Pro Pin:      Cecelia Baker              2.23m

Ball Countdown: 82 or better

Balls Given: 36


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