Weekend Results – 25 & 26th August 2012

Saturday:  25th  August 2012                    No of Players:   68

Event:               Stroke           Sponsor:         CJ & MR Catterall


A Grade           David Wheaton                        71

B Grade:          Phillip Burey                            70

C Grade:          Jeremy Francis                        71

Runners Up:

A Grade           Scott Kirkby                            73 C/B

B Grade:          Graeme Coleman                    71

C Grade           Graham Maynard                    72

Scratch:            Scott Kirkby                            74

LADIES:                                                    No of Players: 20

Event:               Stroke Golfer of the Month              Sponsor:           Bella Sante Skin and Body Centre

Winner              Sue Moore                               70 C/B

R/Up:                Cecelia Bake                            70


1ST:                   Matt McDonald                      2.98m

7TH:                   David Marshall                      1.625m

13TH:                 Peter Taylor                            4.62m

17TH:                 Brad O’Mullane                      2.94m

Pro Pin:            Brad O’Mullane                      2.94m

Ball Comp:                   77  net or better

Balls Given: 59

Visitors: Maitland & Woodford

SUNDAY:  26th August 2012                No of Players: 92

Event:             2012 Holden Scramble                     Sponsor:         Tait Auto

Winners:        Steve O’Hara ,Peter Kellett, Andrew & Tessa Girard                             54.250

Second:          Jamie Hardman, Kevin Moore, Peter Copeman , Damien Kelly         56.5

Third:             Bruce Buckland , John Leeder, Jim Williams, Kevin Huggins            57.375


1ST:                   Steve O’Hara                          1.57m

7TH:                   Brian Shea                              2.350m

13TH:                 Scott Kirkby                            1.07m

17TH:                 Steve O’Hara                          .170m

Pro Pin:            Steve O’Hara                          .170m

Ball Comp:     60.625             No ball comp 40

Visitors:                      Maitland & Woodford

Next Weekends Events:

SATURDAY 1st September 2012

Mens:-       Stroke Monthly Mug sponsored by Chesterfield Moree

Ladies:-     Stroke Monthly Medal sponsored by Retravision

SUNDAY 2nd September 2012

Program Change Medley Bonus Parr Sponsored Guy Roberts Commodities


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