Weekend Golf Results – 4th & 5th August 2012

Saturday:     4th August 2012     No of Players: 53

Event: Single Stroke – Monthly Mug           Sponsor:          Chesterfield Machinery


A Grade          David L Moore           66 net

B Grade:         Nov Ramsey               66 net

C Grade:         Grant Macey               68 net

LADIES:     No of Players: 14

Event:    Stroke – Monthly Medal     Sponsor:    RetaVision

Winner:           Tamra Moore  69 net


1st        Garry Colley               1.18m

7TH:     Graham Maynard       1.57m

13TH:   Liz Gough                   3.12m

17TH:   J Humphreys               2.23m

Pro Pin:           J Humphries               2.23m

Ball Comp:     net 74 net or better

Balls Given:     42

SUNDAY:  29th July 2012        No of Players: 56

Event:      Medley Single Stableford              Sponsor:          Purewater Filtrations


A Grade          Tamra Moore              42

B Grade           John Gourlay              38

C Grade           John Leeder                38

Ball Comp      32

Balls Given     33


1ST:      Peter Copeman           3.71 m

7TH:     Heath Sweeney           2.00 m

13TH:   Phil Smith                   1.83

17TH:   Tamra Moore  1.3m

Pro Pin:           Tamra Moore  1.3m


Saturday 11th August 2012

36 Hole 4BBB Stableford Championships

Sponsored by Ken and Di Amos

Sunday 12th August 2012

36 Hole 4BBB Stableford Championships

Sponsored by Leggies Southside Butchery.


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