Ladies Golf – 24th and 26th July 2012

Tuesday 24th July 2012.    Players:-   7

Ladies 9 Hole Event:

Winner:-   Marg Kelly    17 pts

R/Up:-       Pam Girle     16 pts

BRD:  14 points  Glenda O’Mullane  14 pts:  Rosemary Ledingham  14 pts:

Thursday 26st  July, 2012.    Players:- 20

Ladies Stroke Event  –  Sponsored by Bella Santa Skin and Body


Lindy Goodman               69


Barbara Waghorn         69c/b

BRD:-    74        ( 12 balls )

Sally Carty  71:  Joy Lillyman  71:   Beryl Sweeney   72:   Jude Carling Sacharias   73:   Jan Morley  73:   Lee Gourlay  73:   Liz Gough  78:   Sandra Orton  73:    Lyn Fing   74:  Mez Maunder   75:


7th:-             N/A

17th:-           Cecelia Baker      5.00m

Pro-Pin:-   Cecelia Baker      5.00m


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