Weekend Golf Results – 9th 10th – 11th June 2012

Saturday:  9th June        No of Players:-                      38

Event:-        Stableford         Sponsor:-        Ken Wharton (KWW Bookkeeping)


A Grade:        Peter Rowden                   40 points

B Grade:        David Chomley                 38 points

C Grade:        John Reynolds                  37 points

LADIES:        No of Players:      8

Event:-                Stableford           Sponsor:-       Beauty Matters


Lindy Goodman  38 points


1ST:-                Golf Club

7TH:                R Cross                             1.20m

13TH:              R Weate                            1.75m

17TH:              A Brigden                          3.27m

Pro Pin:          A Brigden                          3.27m

Ball Comp:      33  net or better

Balls Given:    34

SUNDAY:-  10th June 2012       No of Players:-          134

Event:-           Jason Haddad memorial Day            Sponsor:-        Haddad Family

Winners:-       D B Moore,  C Moore,  H McKenzie,  J McKenzie           56.7

Second:          P Hayes  ,  S Roworth  ,  B Brazel ,  M DiDonna              56.8

Third:             G Maynard , M Maynard,  J Reynolds , P McFadyen      57.5

Forth              K Moore, P Copeman, M McDonald , B Carrigan             57.9

Ball Comp – No Ball comp              Balls Given           16


1ST:-                              M Maynard                  1.23m

7TH:                               Brad Haddad                .79m

13TH:                             N  McKnight                5.28m

17TH:                             Tony Burnett               1.75m

Pro Pin:                        Tony Burnett               1.75m

Cuss Cuse Cup Winners

A Haddad , M Pumpa, B Haddad , T Haddad                58.2

MONDAY:  11th June 2012       No of Players:-          47

Event:                 Medley Stableford Sponsor:         Moree Golf Club

Winners:-            Matthew Moore                            38

Second:               John Atkins                                   40

Third:                  Robbie Buchanan                         35

Ball Comp:-        32 or better                      Balls Given:-             40


1ST:                               John Deakin                 8.76m

7TH:                               Russell Carty               4.98m

13TH:                             John Wilde                   6.15m

17TH:                             D.C Moore                   2.82m

Pro Pin:                        D C Moore                   2.82m


Saturday 16th June 2012:-

Men: Stroke –Sponsored by DG & SM Moore Carpet Cleaning

Ladies:- Stroke – Golfer of the Month.  Sponsored by Bella Sauté Skin and Body Centre.

Sunday 17th June 2012:-

Men:- Sureshot Mens 4BBB

Ladies:- 3BBB Women’s Team Classic

Sponsored by B Sweeney, R Ledingham, M Pumpa, R Tickle.


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