Weekend Golf Results – 26 – 27th May 2012

Saturday: 26th May          No of Players:    29

Event:-     Stroke Monthly Mug                 Sponsor:-     Chesterfield Machinery


A Grade:- Wayne Wicks           70 Monthly Mug Winner

B Grade:- Peter Cobb                72

C Grade:- John Reynolds         74

Scratch:-         Scott Kirkby   75

LADIES:-    No of Players: 8

Event:-     Stroke Monthly Medal      Sponsor:          RetraVision Moree

Winner:-    Cecelia Baker             83


1ST:-    The Club

7TH:-    Garth Harborne           1.94m

13TH:-  Peter Cobb                  10.00m

17TH:-  Jordan Northey           0.42m

Pro Pin:-         Cecelia Baker             5.45m

Congratulations to Matt McGuire 12th Hole Eagle 2

Ball Comp:-    79  net or better          Balls Given: 21

SUNDAY:   27th May 2012       No of Players:-           75

Event:-     Medley Countdown           Sponsor:          John & Kay Gillan


Wayne Wicks, Des Kirkby, Ken Bailey and Peter Lysaught            83 c/b


Mick McLaren, Peter LaHaye, Mick Seery and Stephen Seery        83 cb


Graham Farrell, Bill Hitchins, Peter Kellett and Steve O’Hara        83

Ball Comp:-    79 or better     Balls Given:    43


1ST:-    Tony Blewitt               4.76

7TH:-    Steve O’Hara                .60

13TH:-  Greg Martin                3.075

17TH:-  David Marshall           4.22

Pro Pin:-         David Marshall


Saturday 2nd June 2012:-

Men: Stroke – Monthly Mug.  Sponsored by Chesterfield Machinery

Ladies:- Stroke – Monthly Medal.  Sponsored by Retravision.

Sunday 3rd June 2012:-

Men:  Sureshot Mens 4BBB

Ladies: NSW 3BBB Women’s Team Classic


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