Tip of the week!

Tip of the Week

Driving is a very important part of everyones game. How many times do u have to chip out from behind a tree, or even just hit a bad tee shot which leaves u a long way from the green for your second shot? Most people don’t have the correct setup for a driver which means you have to make adjustments in your swing to correct these faults. Here are a few tips for setting up to hit your driver:

  • Always tee the ball up high, a driver has the least amount of loft of any club in the bag bar your putter
  • The ball should be positioned level with the big toe on your front foot, this with the ball being teed up high ecourages you to hit the ball on the upswing.
  • With your front hand (left hand for right handed golfers)on the grip, sit the clubhead on the ground behind the ball. Then bring your other hand across and place it on the grip. This will make your shoulder drop which is what we want to achieve

Now we have the ball teed up high, ball on our front foot and the correct set-up with our shoulder slightly tilted. From this position we can make a smooth swing which will encourage you to hit the ball on the upswing. To get the maximum distance out of your swing you need to get the ball nice and high in the air without a lot of backspin. If you have the ball teed down too low, too far back in your stance or your shoulders are level, this will encourage you to hit down on the golf ball which creates more backspin and delofts your driver even more, thus resulting in shorter and less accurate tee shots.

Do you have the correct loft and shaft in your driver? Getting the correct loft and shaft can add up to 30 metres onto your drives. Come and see us today and get a club fitting.

This is a great shot to have in your bag! Good luck.

If you are having problems with your game ring up the proshop and book a lesson with Matt.


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